EU-Georgia Relations and Future Perspectives

EU-Georgia Relations and Future Perspectives

This paper discusses the main stages of the development of EU-Georgia relations as well as important achievements and existing challenges.

Alongside the issue of Georgia’s EU integration, this policy paper also discusses the process by which Central and Eastern European countries became EU member states. In order to do so, this work provides a detailed analysis of the fifth wave of EU enlargement, as well as the stages towards EU membership of the countries of the Western Balkans.

Georgia’s rapprochement with the EU is in a sense similar to the processes that the above-mentioned countries went through as well as to the dynamics of their reforms and transformations. The prospect of Georgia’s complete institutional integration and EU membership, however, still remains the main challenge.

This policy paper seeks to set out the main tasks that would realistically increase Georgia’s chances of becoming an EU member against the backdrop of the country’s ongoing process of integration. In order to do so, this paper proposes a number of practical recommendations for the development of the existing format of EU-Georgia relations as well as for the setting and solving of the country’s external and internal policy tasks.

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