Youth for Security

Project: Youth for Security
Implementing organization: Georgian Center for Strategy and Development 
East-West Management Intitute

Location: Kakheti Region

The aim of the project was to raise awareness of youth living in Kakheti region on foreign policy priorities and national security challenges facing Georgia. In order to ensure the effective implementation of the project GCSD organized comprehensive training sessions for youth as well as local non-governmental organizations, deepening their knowledge on practical aspects of foreign policy and national security of the country. Moreover, to stimulate further interest and engagement of youth in above-mentioned area, GCSD arramged participant’s study visit to Tbilisi and held the meetings with relevant state institutions, international organizations and local NGOs. The participants were be provided with a unique opportunity to observe the foreign and national security policy in the making, express their ideas and concerns directly with policy makers.

In addition, GCSD supported small-scale projects, designed by participating youth, by awarding small grants. The projects were aimed at peer education on foreign and national security policy matters and any other relevant activities developed by the participants.