Improving Legislative Framework for Effective Civilian Oversight of Security Sector in Georgia


Project: Improving the Legislative Framework for Effective Civilian oversight of the Security Sector in Georgia
Implementing organization: Georgian Center for Strategy and Development
Consortium Members: B&S Europe, Ecorys, PMCG.
Donor: European Union
Duration: Oct 01, 2017 - May 08, 2019
Location: Tbilisi

The project was implemented by the consortium of B&S Europe based in Brussels; Ecorys, Poland; and PMCG, Georgia. It aimed to introduce new methodologies and best practices that strengthen the legislative and oversight activities of the Parliament in relation to defence and security agencies, including by increasing the professional skills of parliamentary committees, staff and the Group of Trust. 

Within the two-year period the project delivered an overview paper and map of security sector legislation and provided a set of workshops to share knowledge with the parliamentarians to review draft legislation norms. Several experts worked with the committees to improve human/institutional capacities. The project also provided international and national expertise to support drafting the new Rules of Procedure. 3 long-term experts were deployed to build committee staff capacity on areas including budget, gender, etc.  With the engagement of the Public Defender’s Office project organized various activities, meetings, hearings and training sessions on monitoring, and investigative practices and tools. Successful efforts have been made to improve communication with the State Audit Office, the Public Defender’s Office, several Ministries, CSOs and media.

Project provided 5 handbooks, and 3 thematic study trips.