Masterclass - Youth engagement in civil society activities

The Georgian Center for Strategy and Development (GCSD) organized an online masterclass on youth involvement for representatives of civil society organizations working in Pankisi.

The masterclass was hosted by Giorgi Kikalishvili, the founder of the youth organization "Droni" and the coordinator of Erasmus + for Youth and the European Solidarity Corps in Georgia. Masterclass participants were introduced about the opportunities available in Georgia to young people and to youth organizations. Talks focused on volunteering and exchange programs for youth, areas of volunteering, the importance of such projects for CSOs and various aspects of their implementation. The master class participants also received practical recommendations on youth engagement in civil society activities.

The masterclass was held in the framework of the project “Capacity Building of Local Civic Society Organizations of Pankisi – Phase II”, implemented by GCSD in cooperation with USAID Pankisi Community Links. Masterclasses on tourism and regional development will also be held as part of the project.