Updates on ongoing projects - Enhancing the Capacity of Georgia in Preventing Violent Extremism and Radicalisation

In March 2020, the Georgian Center for Strategy and Development, with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway, launched a four-year multifaceted program - Enhancing the capacity of Georgia in preventing violent extremism (VE) and radicalization.

The program aims to foster the prevention of any forms of violent extremisms and radicalizations, enhance the resilience of the society against these phenomena and increase the capacity of the Georgian government.

To that end, over the course of the next four years proactive and complex actions will be carried out through the engagement of relative government bodies, academic circles, media, civil society organizations, local communities and other stakeholders.

At this time, GCSD - has been carried out the following activities:

  • In order to strengthen regional civil society organizations, the GCSD issued one sub-grant to implement the thematic project. Within the framework of the project, it is planned to provide nine more sub-grants.

GCSD’s first partner organization is Civic Education Teachers’ Forum, which has experience in implementing various projects across the country over the past 7 years. Through a grant Teachers’ Forum is implementing the project – “Joint Initiative Against Radicalization and Violent Extremism”. The project aims to promote the prevention of violent extremism and radicalization in the communities of Tbilisi, Shida Kartli, Adjara and Guria regions - through cooperation between schools and universities.

  • A short-term research project was implemented. GCSD launched a public call for applications to monitor hate speech and extremist messages in social media contributing to the polarisation of society. The paper has been published on our website and social media and is available to anyone interested.

Capacity Building for the Permanent Interagency Commission on Elaboration of the National Counterterrorism Strategy (CNCS)

  • The Training module is designed for practitioners working in the field of terrorism, violent extremism and radicalisation with an emphasis on the perspective and the needs of the state actors;
  • Two training sessions are delivered to the CNCS members;
  • GCSD designed Terms of Reference and announced a call for International Experts/Organisations to design a practical handbook on the best practices in P/CVE.

Capacity Building of the Training Centre of the State Security Service of Georgia (SSG)

GCSD hired an international expert to:

  • Develop a full curriculum about terrorism, violent extremism and radicalisation with an emphasis on the needs of security services;
  • Develop a ToT module to instruct the trainers and lecturers of the center;
  • Deliver Training of Trainers.

Capacity Building of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA)

GCSD hired an international expert to:

  • Develop an online training module on terrorism, violent extremism and radicalisation with an emphasis on the needs of law enforcement institutions;

The infographic about the implemented activities is available as an attached file.


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