Strategic Communications-Surfing in the post truth era

Batumi Strategic Communications Conference aims at bolstering the debates on security and social resilience topics. The key goal of the conference is to bring distinguished experts, community leaders, decision-makers, and representatives of academia and civil society to discuss the informational state-of-art of Georgia. The objectives of the conference are to generate IDEAS for handling the conspiracies/’fake news’/disinformation focusing on dividing societies and undermining the solidity of Georgian national security architecture. GCSD focuses on live discussion and provoking critical thinking during the conference, thus, we seek to give the floor to explore ideas and debate hypotheses. The conference will give the opportunity to younger scholars, experts and speakers to present and defend their views in front of the audience.

Forecasted topics for discussion
✔️ Understanding Strategic Communications and its role in resilience building
✔️ Confronting Everyday Falsehoods
✔️Safeguard the information space during the elections
✔️ Cyber Capabilities: a tool to fight disinformation?
✔️ Seeking the key partners to effectively promote the Country narrative
✔️ NATO-Georgia and the importance of proactive stratcom
✔️ EU-Georgia, mapping the possibilities to improve strategic communications
✔️ The role of broader civil society in strengthening the strategic communications system
✔️ Addressing challenges of informational warfare-lessons learnt
✔️ Moving out of capital and increasing the capacities of the regions-perspectives and challenges

Detailed information about the admission procedures, panelists, side events, partners and logistics will be uploaded monthly

Current partners and supporters:
- US Embassy in Tbilisi
- Polish Embassy in Tbilisi
- Batumi State University
- Levan Mikeladze Diplomatic and Research Institute