Updates on ongoing projects - Enhancing the capacity of Georgia in PVE and radicalization




In April 2020, Georgian Center for Strategy and Development, with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway, launched a four-year multifaceted program - Enhancing the capacity of Georgia in preventing violent extremism (VE) and radicalization.

The program aims to foster prevention of any forms of violent extremisms and radicalizations, enhance the resilience of the society against these phenomena and increase the capacity of Georgian government.

To that end, over the course of next four years proactive and complex actions will be carried out through the engagement of relative government bodies, academic circles, media, civil society organizations, local communities and other stakeholders.

Despite the state of emergency caused by the novel coronavirus, the GCSD team continues to successfully implement the activities elaborated under the program.

Since the beginning of the program:

  • Grant competition has been announced to support and prompt national integration, and enhance civic engagement and human rights protection in regions populated by ethnic and religious minorities.
  • In response to the occurring tendencies of expressing hate speech, xenophobic, racist, violent and radical messages in the local information and online spaces during the outbreak of COVID-19, a Research Competition has been announced in order to study and monitor upper mentioned phenomena. The winner of the competition has already been selected and in the following two months will be working on the research.
  • Call for international experts/organizations working in PCVE has been announced. The selection process is in an active phase. The experts/organizations are to design a training module for practitioners working in the field of terrorism, violent extremism and radicalization and to instruct the selected individuals to deliver the training sessions.

For the detailed description of the program and information about the future activities, you will find the attachment below.






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