Enhancing the capacity of Georgia in preventing violent extremism and radicalization


Project: Enhancing the capacity of Georgia in preventing violent extremism and radicalization 
Implementing organization: Georgian Center for Strategy and Development 
Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Location: Tbilisi

The project aims to enhance the capacity of the country to prevent all forms of violent extremism and radicalization as well as increase the resilience of the society against those phenomena through engaging the government, the media, the academia and local communities in a complex programme over the period of four years. The goal is to create an environment where relevant actors are equipped with skills and knowledge necessary for identifying radical and extremist narratives as well as elaborating, spreading and perpetuating narratives that debunk the manipulative messages of extremist groups. On the state level, GCSD will enhance the capacity of the Interagency Commission for National Counterterrorism Strategy; assist the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), will work with parliament, Crime Prevention Center and local self-governmental bodies. On a community level, GCSD will engage local partners via sub-projects. GCSD will also focus on key stakeholders such as teachers and representatives of the media to equip them with the skills necessary for dealing with or addressing the overall subject as well as single cases of radicalization.

To meet the project objectives GCSD will: 1. Increase the capacity of the Interagency Commission for National Counterterrorism Strategy and its Action Plan. Tailored training sessions for key commission members will be provided; 2. Empower the Academy of the MIA and support the Community Policing System. GCSD will elaborate the P/CVE curriculum for MIA Academy, train relevant instructors in the academy and community officers; 3. Develop a comprehensive matrix of alternative narratives to improve strategic communications in delivering these narratives; 4. Conduct four capacity building activities, including real-life simulations, to increase the skills and capacity of media. 5. Introduce first ever P/CVE studies in Georgia in collaboration with Universities in Tbilisi, Batumi, Telavi.

Other services to be provided include engaging parliament, local partners; working with local governments and Crime Prevention Center; implementing social media campaign; increasing the capacity of civic education teachers, organizing conference. The project engages and brings together various actors for policy dialogue to elaborate an effective strategies and communication campaigns.


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