GCSD signed a Memorandum of Understanding with BTU

On November 10, 2022, GCSD signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Business and Technology University, within which, in order to conduct research and implement projects, both sides will develop partnership mechanisms based on the consideration of mutual interests.

The Memorandum aims to promote information technology awareness through joint projects, research, student employment, and interdisciplinary knowledge accumulation and sharing. It is also worth noting that within the framework of the bilateral partnership, GCSD, in cooperation with BTU and with the support of the US Embassy Democracy Commission Small Grant Program, launched a project - "Informed Communities for a Resilient Society" - which allows them to contribute to the formation of an information environment about cyber security and related topics.

Based on the objectives of the memorandum, the signatories express their willingness to carry out projects on cybersecurity with a coordinated effort, to conduct research with the involvement of competent people, to promote the employment of students and to plan various types of events.

As part of the memorandum, GCSD undertakes to facilitate the involvement of BTU students in the internship program, which includes the production of scientific research, involvement in organizational activities and participation in the implementation of projects.