Re-announcing the Tender on Impact Evaluation

Georgian Center for Strategy and Development (GCSD) GCSD has been implementing a six-year program - Strategic Communication for Better Future. The project’s overall goal is to increase the strategic communication capacity of the relevant state institutions and support the development of an effective strategic communications system in the country. 

Purpose and scope of the evaluation

The main objective of this assignment is to assess the overall impact of the program as well as quality of the program implementation and its outcomes. The experts/organisation will work with the project team to document the project progress with clearly indicative measurements and result-oriented methodology.  The evaluation will cover activities that have taken place since the beginning of the program October, 2017 - until the finishing of the activities by September, 2023. The evaluation will start during the final stage of the project implementation and should be finished by September 2023. 

Foreseen methodology

The evaluation should follow a collaborative and participatory mixed methods approach that draws on both existing and new quantitative and qualitative data to answer the evaluation questions.  The online methods can be also used where applicable.  The proposed Monitoring and Evaluation Scheme should be in line with the requirements of the Department of State’s program and project design, monitoring, and evaluation policy and should also follow OECD-DAC framework and standards.                                                          

Profile and Qualification of experts/organisation

The evaluation should be conducted by a team of evaluators, including at least two evaluators. A Key competency of experts/organisation must include:

  • Proven experience in comprehensive project evaluations including developing methodologies and research instruments in line with the Department of State’s and OECD-DAC standards applied in monitoring and evaluation.
  • Experience of doing similar assignments over the last 5 years.
  • Strong analytical and conceptual skills to clearly synthesize and present findings, draw practical conclusions, make recommendations and to prepare well-written reports in a timely manner.
  • Good understanding on strategic communications and the political situation in Georgia.
  • Fluent in Georgian and English both in written and spoken and able to produce a report in English language.

A key outputs of the assignment should be following:                                               

  • Detailed methodology of the evaluation.
  • Evaluation Report in English.

Quotation Requirements

Offers will be accepted by team of experts or companies. A Candidates are expected to submit technical and financial proposals, separately comprising the following components:

  • Organization’s/Experts experience working on similar assignments proven by at least one such evaluation annexed to the offer.
  • CVs of Experts.
  • Description of the evaluation design, methodology and suggested workplan.
  • The financial proposal with detailed cost breakdown (Including income tax for individuals and excluding VAT for the companies). The budget should be provided in Georgian Lari.

Proposals should be submitted by email to with the subject line: “Impact Evaluation - Stratcom” by the COB of May 10 2023.