Support to External Security Sector Oversight in Georgia

Georgian Center for Strategy and Development - GCSD, as a member of the consortium with B&S Europe and PMCG is implementing the project “Support to External Security Sector Oversight in Georgia”, which is financially supported by the European Union. The overall objective of this project is to increase the human security of people in Georgia by enhancing the accountability of security-related actors.

As part of the project, capacities of the Public Defender’s Office, the State Inspector Service, the Parliament, especially its Parliamentary Defense and Security Committee and the State Audit Office, with regard to their oversight functions, will be strengthened through the improvement of internal structures and procedures, and strengthening of effective operations. Roles and mandates of oversight bodies will be further refined in line with European best practices. Coordination among oversight bodies and civil society will be strengthened for improved operations and engagement in policy discussion. Coordination with and among law enforcement bodies will be strengthened. Public awareness will be raised on oversight roles and activities of mandated oversight bodies to increase public trust in law enforcement agencies and the oversight mechanisms.

We will keep you posted about carried out activities under the project.