Thematic Manual "Cybersecurity: Environmental Analysis and Preventive Mechanisms"

Georgian Center for Strategy and Development of Georgia (GCSD), within the framework of the project "Informed Communities for a Resilient Society", has prepared a thematic guide - "Cybersecurity: Environmental Analysis and Preventive Mechanisms" in Georgian, Armenian and Azerbaijani languages.

The aim of the manual is to equip key actors of society - civil servants, as well as non-governmental organizations and media representatives - with relevant knowledge and skills in order to increase the level of both individual and institutional security against cyber threats. By understanding the general principles of cyber security and studying thematic examples provided in this guide, individuals interested in this topic can contribute to the expansion of existing knowledge on dealing with and preventing cyber threats, as well as risk management.

During the preparation of the manual, publicly available, non-commercial literature was used, as well as the current legislation of Georgia on information security and personal data protection.

The manual was prepared by the Georgian Information and Technology Analysis Center (GITAC) on the order of GCSD and was used in the trainings conducted within the framework of the project for the target groups.

The project - "Informed Communities for a Resilient Society" - is implemented by GCSD with the support of the U.S. Embassy Democracy Commission Small Grant Program and its mission is to promote the strengthening of the resilience of the society living in the regions (Samegrelo, Samtskhe-Javakheti, Kvemo Kartli, Shida Kartli) densely populated by ethnic minorities and internally displaced people in Georgia.