Terms of Reference for Local Researcher/Research Company to Design Sectoral (logistics, maritime, finances and capital markets and oil and gas) risk and vulnerability assessment (Sanctions)

General Background:

The Georgian Center for Strategy and Development (GCSD) implements a project that aims to increase public and private actors’ resilience in targeted sectors to enhance Georgia’s compliance with international sanctions imposed against Russia. The project specifically targets the sanctions in (1) financial and capital markets, (2) oil and gas, (3) maritime, and (4) logistics and seeks to strengthen the capacity of actors to identify, report, and address sanction evasion activities, inform the decision-making process for the prevention of non-compliant behavior and coordinated action against it and finally, increase public vigilance against Russian sanctions evasion.

The objective of the Assignment:

The team of international and local experts will develop the sectoral risk and vulnerability assessment report across the sectors of finances and capital markets, oil and gas, logistics, and maritime. The main purpose of the report is to provide an up-to-date analysis of ongoing trends for relevant policy-makers to make informed decisions on pressing issues. This manual will not be mandatory and should be a supporting document for the target groups to help the private sectors and regulatory bodies increase their awareness of the ongoing dynamics of implementing international sanctions imposed against Russia. An international expert will guide the local expert during the working process.

Expert to be recruited:

GCSD is looking for a Local Researcher/Research Company to design risk and vulnerability assessment, develop a survey and desk research, analyze research data, prepare the report document, and develop the ad-hoc methodology for the final evaluation/assessment. Work can be done remotely.

Key Qualifications of provided Expert(s):

  • A postgraduate degree or equivalent with relevant work experience in International relations, Security, Education, and equivalent/ relevant work experience in aforementioned fields;
  • At least 6 years of professional experience in working the mentioned field
  • Demonstrable experience in authoring similar documents/publications; Proven experience in developing risk and vulnerability assessments/reports
  • Experience in drafting and delivering subject-specific materials
  • Allocated working days up to 25 working days
  • Proficient in English.


  • Methodology of a sectoral risk and vulnerability assessment
  • Sectoral risk and vulnerability assessment on Sanctions compliance
  • Presentation of Sectoral risk and vulnerability assessment on Sanctions compliance

Requests from the interested individuals/companies:

Individuals should submit:

  • 1 Page methodological approach in developing the sectoral risk and vulnerability assessment
  • CV (no format suggested)
  • 2 references/contact points
  • Budgetary allocations (Per day calculation)

Companies should submit:

  • Experience of the organization (implemented projects - no more than 2 pages);
  • Professional resume of persons participating in the research (project manager, analyst, etc.);
  • Research methodology: description and justification of research methodology;
  • Detailed research budget - without value-added tax;
  • Performance Schedule;

The contact point for additional information is Giorgi Goguadze: g.goguadze@gcsd.org.ge

Applicants should send the requested documents by February 11, 2024, to vacancy@gcsd.org.ge

Please indicate “SANCTIONS/Risk Assessment-Local Expert/Company” in the subject line.