Call for International Expert/Organization to Design an Operational Compliance Manual

  • Location Remote
  • Division Expert
  • Deadline 14 November


Terms of Reference for International Expert/Organization to Design Operational Compliance Manual (Sanctions and ACW). General Background: Georgian Center for Strategy and Development (GCSD), implements a project that aims to prevent Russia to access the components and transactions to build up Advanced Conventional Weapons (ACW). The project follows the international sanctions posed on Russia after the start of the war in Ukraine. The project seeks to put in place a framework that empowers financial institutions, relevant SMEs, civil servants (including leadership) investigative journalists, NGOs, and Universities to build responsive, resilient, and well-coordinated mechanisms to disrupt Russia’s attempts to proliferate ACW through different means.

Job Description

The objective of the Assignment: The team of international and local experts will develop the compliance manual for the private sector and financial institutions. It will include all aspects to enhance operational capacity and compliance to identify illicit ACW transactions. The manual will be developed based on research, meetings, and the best international practices. This manual will not be mandatory and should be a supporting document for the target groups. International experts/organizations will be assisted by a local expert.


Expert to be recruited: GCSD is looking for an international expert/organization to develop the Manual to sensitize the local financial and private sectors on the threats of proliferating the ACW, the existing sanctions mechanisms posed on Russia, and the best practical ways to be compliant in accordance to international best practices and policies developed by the US, EU and other NATO member countries. Work can be done remotely.

Qualification Requirements

Key Qualifications of provided Expert(s):

  • A postgraduate degree or equivalent with relevant work experience in International relations, Security, Education, and/or equivalent/ relevant work experience in aforementioned fields;
  • Proven track record of working experience in the ACW and Non-proliferation fields;
  • At least 5 years of professional experience in working with the public and private sectors;
  • Demonstrable experience in authoring similar documents/publications;
  • Proven experience in developing manuals, handbooks and experience in drafting and delivering subject-specific materials;
  • Allocated working days up to 15 working days;
  • Strong knowledge about the current sanctions posed on Russia and general sanctions mechanisms.


  • Methodology of Operational Manual on ACW/Sanctions compliance
  • Operational Manual on ACW/Sanctions compliance
  • Presentation of Manual on ACW/Sanctions compliance

Requests from the interested applicants:

  • 1 Page methodological approach in developing the Manual (the detailed topics will be agreed upon after the selection process)
  • CV (no format suggested)
  • 2 references/contact points
  • Budgetary allocations (Per day calculation)

The contact point for additional information is Giorgi Goguadze: Applicants should send the requested documents no late than 14 November to Please indicate ACW/SANCTIONS in the subject line.