Updates on ongoing projects - Government of Georgia Strategic Communications Program

Georgian Center for Strategy and Develeopment (GCSD) is implementing the Government of Georgia Strategic Communications Program since 2017. The program aims to increase the capacity of the Government of Georgia on strategic communications and develop an effective strategic communications system. 

To support this aim the project will focus on to develop strategic communications capacity and foster strategic communications and skills among Georgian government decision-makers and practitioners and, with an emphasis on the need for coordination between them.

The key objectives are as following: 

  • To develop government practitioners skill in working in or with all areas of the media space
  • Focus attention on developing skills in countering media disinformation and misinformation
  • Encourage a proactive instead of reactive communications strategy by increasing government ability to be proactive and transparent and exploit the multiplier effect of multi-platform media
  • Foster public relations skills by focusing on a professional public image and utilizing multiple channels to maximize the impact of strategic communication messaging and minimize the impact of misinformation
  • To further develop a network between ministries and local governments for the purpose of efficient communication, coordinated messaging, and policy planning and execution.
  • Support development of the ‘‘State Strategic Communication Strategy’’;

Please find the program’s current key results in attached info-graphic. 

The project is funded by the U.S. Embassy, Tbilisi, Georgia