Empowering the Youth in Pankisi Gorge

Project: Empowering the Youth in Pankisi Gorge
Implementing organization: Georgian Center for Strategy and Development 
The British Embassy Tbilisi

Location: Pankisi Gorge

The aim of the project was to create a favourable environment for Kist, Chechen and Georgian youth living in Pankisi Gorge. The initiative provided the youth with an opportunity to explore their best potential and to put it to good practice. The activities implemented in frames of the project strengthened the communications among Kist, Chechen and Georgian youth, engaged them in common activities and therefore, contributed to establishing strong, value-based ties. In frames of the project GCSD offered small grant program for its participants, encouraging them to realize initiatives they consider necessary in their own communities.

The project was implemented with the financial support of British Embassy in Tbilisi and in partnership with local non-governmental organization Kakheti Regional Development Fund.