Learning festivals within the project SHE's GREAT!

In Tbilisi and in Kutaisi, the final events of the second phase of the project SHE's GREAT! was held for Marneuli N2, Bolnisi municipality village Nakhiduri, Tserovni N3, Vale N1, Tbilisi Gogita Kiknadze N182 , Ilia Chavchavadze N2 Public School in Sachkhere, Temur Bokuchava N7 Public School of Abkhazia in Senaki and Rukhi Public School participants engaged in the project. About 150 participants made presentations about the activities planned and implemented in their schools during the first and second phases, shared their accumulated experience and acquired knowledge and skills.

In the initial stage of the project, the participants underwent 8 weeks of intensive sessions on the topics of gender equality, civic engagement, and inclusive society. Based on the knowledge and experience gained, each school club collaborated with the project team developed youth initiatives, planned specific activities, and started their implementation during the subsequent phase, close coordination with the local community was maintained throughout the planning and execution of specific activities. As part of these initiatives, the participants established informal educational spaces within their schools, organized a book club dedicated to exploring works authored by women, and launched advocacy campaigns, among other activities. The concluding festivals aimed at the presentation of the mentioned projects.

SHE'S GREAT! It is a global program based on the principles of gender equality and civic engagement. The program is an IREX initiative supported by the US State Department's Office of the Secretary of State for Global Women's Issues.