Training Course on Security Issues

From November 27th to 30th, a security issues training course took place in Tbilisi, organized by the Center for Strategy and Development of Georgia (GCSD).

The course delved into topics related to counterterrorism, chemical, biological, radiation, and nuclear (CBRN) security, as well as cyber security and hybrid threats. The objective of the event was to impart both theoretical knowledge and practical skills concerning contemporary challenges and pivotal security issues. This knowledge aims to assist civil servants in clearly defining their roles in ensuring institutional and personal security.

The training course was developed and led by Georgian and international experts in the field: Rohan Perera, Peta Lowi, Tinatin Agniashvili and Giorgi Gurgenidze.

Participating in the course were representatives from the Interagency Commission for the CBRN Threat Reduction, and from the agencies enlisted in the Permanent Interagency Commission on Elaboration of the National Counterterrorism Strategy.

The training course was conducted as part of the project titled "Strengthening Georgia's Capacity to Prevent Political Murders Using Weapons of Mass Destruction," implemented by GCSD with financial support from the US State Department.