en_SHE’s GREAT! - STEAM Camp

The Georgian Center for Strategy and Development launched a fantastic STEAM Camp at Buckswood School as part of the SHE's GREAT project!


Fifty enthusiastic participants from various public schools, including Ilia Chavchavadze Sachkhere N2, Temur Bokuchava Abkhazia N7, Zugdidi Municipality Village Rukhi, Bolnisi Municipality Village Nakhiduri, Marneuli N2, Vale N1, Tserovani N3, and Tbilisi N182, joined this engaging event. They all share a strong interest in the fields of science and technology.


The STEAM camp offered a range of captivating activities aimed at promoting scientific and technological skills and careers among teenagers. Participants had the opportunity to explore educational opportunities, exchange programs, and volunteer initiatives available in Georgia. Throughout the four-day program, they visited universities, technological laboratories, a post-production studio, and had meaningful discussions with accomplished female scientists and leading engineers. Practical skills in drone programming, graphic design, robot assembly, as well as fascinating topics like astro-physics and artificial intelligence were also covered.


We were honored to have Christine Borgognone, the Deputy Director of Programs for the Office of Global Women's Issues at the State Department, grace the camp's opening. Her inspiring address emphasized the importance of empowering women to actively participate in decision-making processes for global peace, security, and prosperity. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Office of Global Women's Issues for their generous support in empowering women and girls in Georgia, including the global initiative SHE's GREAT!

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