Training on the VERA-2R Violent Extremism Risk Assessment Tool

A three-day VERA-2R Violent Extremism Risk Assessment training was organized by the Georgian Center for Strategy and Development (GCSD), within the framework of the program “Enhancing The Capacity Of Georgia In Preventing Violent Extremism And Radicalisation”.

As part of the training course, participants were introduced to the VERA-2R - Violent Extremism Risk Assessment Methodology, which is an evidence-based risk assessment tool developed by Dr. Elaine Pressman. It is specifically designed to assess the risks associated with terrorism and violent extremism. The course included not only the theoretical part but also practical exercises. The participants of the course were given the relevant guidance material of the methodology. 

Professionals in the judiciary, penitentiaries, law enforcement agencies, probation and security services who are confronted with violent extremists and terrorists use the VERA-2R instrument. It aids professionals in appropriately assessing, communicating, and the managing the hazards posed by violent extremists and terrorists. This tool has been adopted by security services, prison and probation departments in Belgium, Denmark, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Special Penitentiary Service and the government administration took part in the training. After successfully passing the relevant exam, participants will be granted international accreditation to use the methodology in accordance with the threats arising from terrorism and violent extremism. We will continue to work with the participants in order to deepen their awareness and understanding of the tool. Over time, it will be possible to introduce world-proven methodology in Georgia.

The training course was led by an international expert, Peta Lowe, Principal Consultant of Phronesis Consulting and Training, who holds an inclusive license to conduct this training.

This program is implemented by GCSD with the financial support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway.