Improving Access of Women to Grants Opportunities

Project:  Improving Access of Women to Grants Opportunities
Implementing organization: Georgian Center for Strategy and Development (GCSD)
Donor: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
Duration: 5 months

With the support of the SDC, in the framework of the “Rural SMEs Development Programme”, GCSD is implementing the project – “Supporting Women's Participation in the “Plant the Future” Program to Improve Access of Underserved Groups to Grants Opportunities” which aims to empower women and ethnic minorities in order to improve their access to grant opportunities.

The project anticipates to identify the specific challenges faced by women and ethnic minorities improve communication and coordination of all relevant stakeholders through both research and action components.

In the framework of the project, information meetings and training sessions are planned, which will be conducted by the agro-consulting company operating in Georgia - Agritouch. The purpose of these meetings is to strengthen the involvement of women and ethnic minorities in business processes, which ultimately will improve their access to finance.