Strengthening a Positive Strategic Narrative of Georgia

Project: Strengthening the positive strategic narrative of Georgia
Implemented By: GCSD
Donor: United States Embassy in Georgia
Duration: Sept 17, 2018- Oct 17, 2019

The project was implemented with a support of United States Embassy in Georgia. Main goal of the project was to elaborate the positive national narrative of Georgia and brand it as a European state both to the internal and external audiences.

In the framework of the project, GCSD established a team of experts to work on the narrative with engagement of Lithuanian experts. Project conducted the desk research in cooperation with local experts on audiences towards European and Euro-Atlantic institutions, Georgian identity, minority issues, etc. The team held focus group discussions in six regions of Georgia and analyzed the data collected through individual meetings, the core team provided a message matrix that would inform the narrative document and the supporting video.

At the end of the project the video clip was elaborated and broadly shared on social media pages. The video is focused on strengthening the resilience capacity of Georgian society towards anti-western narrative. It encourages Georgian citizens for more personal responsibility, cooperation and mutual respect as the key values for more successful development for the individuals and for the country.

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