Strategic Communications ‐ Surfing in the Post‐truth Era

Project: Strategic Communications ‐ Surfing in the Post‐truth Era 
Implementing organization: Georgian Center for Strategy and Development 
British Embassy in Tbilisi

Duration: 3

Standing amidst the Post-Truth Era, Georgia has been expressing a growing need of strategic communications specialists. To meet this demand GCSD has launched yet another project aimed to increase the country’s capacity for managing strategic communications. The project entails two actions:

  • Increase the engagement of young scholars and professionals to: research, study and publish the papers on Strategic Communications, disinformation, Russian propaganda and malware activities in Georgia
  • Enrich a library of Batumi State University with the Books relevant to Strategic Communications subject.

Within the frame of first actions GCSD has received more than 25 applications from which 5 individuals were selected and received grants proceed with their papers. The research topics are diverse and cover the issues such as: Georgia’s national strategic narrative, propaganda messages in the occupied regions during spread of COVID-19, different models of safeguarding information space during election period and the role of new media technologies in strategic communications. As a result of this action, young scholars will provide high quality research papers that will contribute to tackle the existing challenges in strategic communications field. The final papers, written in Georgian, will be presented to GCSD by the end of May and consecutively published online as a single brochure.


As for the action 2, the up-to-date and the finest literature on strategic communications has been identified and purchased for the use of Batumi State University library and other academic institutions, teaching the strategic communications in Georgia. The events related to Action 2 will continue being published on GCSD’s webpage and social media.

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